Thursday, August 21, 2008

“It was least the part I remember!”

Some dear friends of mine, a married couple, recently fulfilled one of their dreams by going ‘skydiving’. I was a little nervous for them, though not excessively, figuring people do it all the time, and live to tell the story. However, I will admit that I was relieved once I knew that they were safe and sound and back on the ground.

I spoke with the husband first, who proceeded to tell me what an amazing experience it was. He described how the ‘skydiving company’ was running so far behind schedule that they ended up having to jump in the dark of the night. I must say, that it did sound awesome as He was describing the peacefulness of it all, once the parachute opened...the full moon, the flash of the lightning bolts that they could see off in the distance, and the thin red line of the horizon as the last hint of sunlight was fading away. Then I talked to his wife!

She explained that the instructor, whom she was harnessed to, had to wrap his arms and legs around her arms and legs to keep them from flailing about and hitting him in the face. She then began to describe how she didn’t remember the first several seconds of the jump. She said that they explained to her that the body reacts to the ‘shock’ of jumping out of the plane in much the same way as it does to being in a ‘car accident’ that you don’t remember what happened.

After she enthusiastically explained the thrill of her skydiving experience...the part she could remember...I couldn’t get the image out of my mind. Two people, harnessed together, plunging to earth at a very high rate of speed, with one of them being in a semi-conscious state, needing to have their arms and legs as not to knock the instructor unconscious. Now, call me crazy, but I am thinking that if God designed your body in such as way that you do not remember the initial shock of such things as car accidents or jumping out of planes, you probably shouldn’t be doing it!


Rachel said...

Call ME crazy, but that was hilarious.

LauraC said...

what a great story. How exciting for them. As for me... I am O.K. with keeping my feet on the earth, for now.